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Congratulations on becoming eligible to receive a laptop under the DIU One Student One Laptop Program! We are glad to inform you that Daffodil International University has partnered with GoEdu unlocking extended learning opportunities for its students through our professionally valuable and skill-based online course library. With this partnership, students under the One Student One Laptop Program (after March 2022) will be able to enroll in GoEdu Exclusive Courses for Free and enjoy discounts of up to 50% on the rest of the other courses in GoEdu. Courses offered under this offer will be listed here along with the necessary coupon information. Coupons will remain active for a semester (until the next batch of the OSOL is initiated).

Wish you all the best and happy learning!

What's Included?

Free for all Courses
Free Premium Courses
Discounted Courses

More and more courses will be added to this offer gradually!

How to Utilize This Offer?

Students under the DIU One Student One Laptop (after March 2022) will be able to find the offered courses on this page. There are three categories of courses:

  1. Free for all Courses: Students will be able to enroll and complete the courses for free without any coupon code.
  2. GoEdu Exclusive Courses: These courses are developed with the effort of GoEdu exclusively. These courses are normally paid or partially paid courses. However, students under the DIU OSOL program will be able to utilize the provided coupon code to enroll in these courses for free.
  3. Premium Courses: These courses are paid or partially paid courses offered by different instructors and experts who are using GoEdu as a course marketplace. However, students under the DIU OSOL program will be able to utilize the provided coupon code to enroll in these courses at a 50% discount.

To learn how to register, enroll and complete courses from GoEdu, please view our user guidelines: (<– Click to view)


Note: Coupons can be utilized during the checkout process. Partially paid courses are free to enroll but payment is required for getting the certificate. Students will be able to utilize the provided coupons to get the offered discount on the certificate as well by clicking on add to cart button after completing the course.

Process Flow

DIU GOEDU OSOL Process Flow Chart

Course Library

GoEdu Exclusive Courses

(Free with Coupon for OSOL Program)

Coupon Code: OSOLFree

  1. Fundamentals of Mobile Photography
  2. How to Influence Entrepreneurship in Kids as Parents
  3. Leveraging AI to Generate Income Streams
  4. T-Shirt Design for Beginner
  5. Audio Editing with Audacity
  6. Introduction to Android App Development
  7. Google Classroom for Teachers
  8. Adobe Illustrator Fundamentals for Freelancers
  9. Essential Photoshop Skills for Earning
  10. Metaverse: Certified Professional Course
  11. Supervisor Leadership Skills for a Safe Workplace
  12. Mind Mapping: Spark Your Creativity
  13. Affiliate Marketing Process & Strategies
  14. Remote Job Preparation, Process & Guidelines
  15. Career with Canva in Graphics Design
  16. Freelancing with Fiverr Bengali Course
  17. How to Make an Online Course
  18. MS Excel Formulas Functions & Tricks
  19. Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Basic Knowledge
  20. SEO for Absolute Beginners with Hands on Tutorial
  21. Become a Boss of Microsoft Word
  22. Create Websites Free With Google Sites
  23. Critical Thinking for Professional Success
  24. Emotional Intelligence for Career Success
  25. Developing Customer Relationship
  26. Stress Management for Professional Success
  27. Video Editing with Camtasia for YouTubers
  28. Create First Impression on a Job for Career Success
  29. Public Speaking for Success
  30. Top Leadership Challenges and the Way to Overcome Them
  31. KAIZEN: Improve your Career Growth
  32. Brainstorming Skills: Improve Thinking Process
  33. Passive Income: Concept and Ideas
  34. Employee Absenteeism Management: Engage Employees Better
  35. Event Management for Corporate Executives
  36. Job Search Strategies and Techniques
  37. Email Writing Etiquette: Write Emails Professionally
  38. Introduction to Proposal Writing: Write better Proposals
  39. Medical Tourism: an Introduction
  40. Practical Marketing and its Opportunities In Career Building
  41. Memory Skills – Learn How to Improve Your Brain
  42. Resume Writing Skill: Techniques and Guidelines
  43. Presentation Skill: Guidelines on How to Improve
  44. Conflict Analysis and Resolution Process for Organizations
  45. Content Writing: Write Content Professionally
  46. Copywriting – Learn to write excellent Sales Copies
  47. Managing Career as an Introvert
  48. Employability Skills (Part 2): Create a Sustainable Career
  49. Succession Planning: Prepare Organizational Leaders
  50. Strategic Thinking: Plan, Manage & Lead Better
  51. Career as a Medical Representative: Prospects, Requirements & Challenges
  52. Make Wonderful Presentation Slides by MS PowerPoint
  53. Online Surveys and Quizzes with Google Forms
  54. Facebook Marketing Basics

Premium Courses

(50% Discount with Coupon for OSOL Program)

Coupon Code: OSOL50

  1. Advanced Python Programming
  2. English for Professionals
  3. Effective Employability Skills for the 21st Century
  4. Unlocking the Secret to Successful Career Progression
  5. Mastering Life and Professional Success
  6. Employability IT Skills for Industry Needs
  7. Viral Content Making & SEO for YouTube
  8. Skills and Preparation for the Current Job Market
  9. Camtasia Advanced Video Editing
  10. How To Be A Powerful Superb Presenter
  11. Building Confidence with Growth Mindset
  12. Anger Management
  13. Employability for Journalism Students
  14. English Speaking 101: Communication Clinic
  15. Easy ways for effective Content Writing
  16. Mastering Gmail: Boost your Productivity
  17. Introduction to News Writing
  18. Basics of Computer Networks Course
  19. Developing Your Employability Skills For Sustainable Career
  20. Malnutrition – Causes, Consequences and Prevention
  21. Novel coronavirus (Covid-19) Global and Bangladeshi context: awareness and action
  22. Basic of Food and Beverage Service Course
  23. Accounting Assumptions, Principles & Constraints
  24. IP Basics and Subnetting Concepts: An Introduction
  25. Debits and Credits: What, Why, How?
  26. Leadership 101
  27. Introduction to Robotics – Part 1
  28. Computer Programming: An Introduction
  29. Intermediate Level C Programming Course
  30. Learn Java Programming For Beginners
  31. Basic Concept of Vitamins
  32. Global Impact of Antibiotic Resistance
  33. Basics of Social Business
  34. Introduction to AutoCAD 2D
  35. Email Etiquette
  36. Dosage Form Design
  37. Interior Design Basics
  38. Python for Beginners
  39. Positive Thinking For Better Health
  40. Apparel Merchandising
  41. Academic Writing Hacks (Part-1)
  42. Fire safety in Building Design
  43. Introduction to Renewable Energy Technologies & their Prospects in Bangladesh
  44. Responsive Web Design
  45. Introduction to Broadcast Technologies
  46. C programming (Zero to Array)
  47. Laravel-CRUD (Basic)
  48. Easy Ways to Improve Basic English Reading and Writing
  49. Be the Master of Career Counselling
  50. Build CRUD Application – PHP & Mysql
  51. AutoCAD 2D & 3D for Beginners
  52. Interpersonal and Communication Skill Hacks
  53. Introduction to Machine Learning for Beginners
  54. Introduction to Python for Beginners
  55. Preparation for IELTS Academic Writing
  56. How to prepare for Job Interview
  57. Basic Principle of ELISA
  58. Machine Learning: Unsupervised
  59. Introduction to Pharmacology
  60. Tips and Tricks for IELTS 7+ Band Score
  61. HTML-এ হাতে খড়ি
  62. CV/Résumé Writing Hacks
  63. Professional CV/Resume Design: Make it Visual
  64. 3DS Max Fundamentals: For Absolute Beginners
  65. Job Search Techniques for Computer Science Graduates
  66. Preparation for IELTS Speaking Assessment
  67. Common Mistakes in English
  68. IELTS Listening Preparation
  69. Inception of Marketing: From Concept to Process
  70. English Comprehension and Writing
  71. English Listening and Speaking Fundamentals
  72. Professional Video Editing with Smartphone
  73. Career Planning Hacks for Absolute Starters
  74. Overcoming Procrastination: Become More Productive
  75. Conflict Management: Concept and Process
  76. Emotional Intelligence – Employability 360
  77. PHP Programming for Beginners
  78. ICT Skill Booster for University Students
  79. Challenge Based Parenting: Grow Your Child Better
  80. Compassionate Communication: A Psychological Approach To Improve Relationship
  81. Ethical Hacking: Introduction and Basic Concepts
  82. Microsoft Excel Course: From Basic to Advanced
  83. C Programming Language: Getting Started
  84. Natural Language Processing (NLP): Getting Started
  85. Let’s Start With Python Programming: Full Course in Bengali
  86. Accomplish Goals Effectively: Precise Steps with Guidelines
  87. Business Communication – Network Better
  88. Journalism Profession: Information, Prospect & Preparation
  89. Handling Tricky Interview Questions and Mistakes to Avoid
  90. Social Media Management: A Guide for Everyone
  91. Leadership Development for 21st Century: Skills that Matter
  92. Become a PowerPoint Guru: From Basic to Advanced
  93. Engineering Drawing with Revit: Step by Step Guidelines
  94. Smart Use of Smartphone
  95. Effective Use of Google