Apply as an Instructor in GoEdu

Online courses are getting popular really fast. This fact is not only an opportunity for the students but also an opportunity for teachers and professionals. Through online platform, teachers can get more reach and share their knowledge with the students of the world. Professionals can also take this opportunity to share their knowledge and expertise with others. GoEdu provides both groups with an online platform and all the necessary support to getting started with this trend and become successful.

Process and Submission Guidelines

To apply as an instructor, follow the process below:

    1. Watch the video above to get an overall idea of the requirements
    2. Prepare your course contents as per the requirements
    3. Accumulate course title, short description, course requirements, course outline, lesson video contents, MCQ-based questions with options and answers, instructor profile, digital signature, and instructor photograph under a single Google Drive folder.
    4. Make sure the drive folder is shared for public view.
    5. Submit the drive folder link to email address.

Submission Checklist:

  1. Course Title
  2. Course Short Description (Course benefits, Requirements)
  3. Course Outlines (Units and Lessons)
  4. Lessons Videos (Include separate introduction and conclusion videos)
  5. Lesson Transcripts (if available)
  6. Reference Materials/Exercise Files (optional)
  7. A set of MCQ-based questions with answers and options for the total course assessment (Depending on the course’s total lessons. Minimum of 15-20 questions)
  8. Instructor Short Profile
  9. Instructor’s Digital Signature
  10. Instructor’s Photograph

Policy on the Use of AI Tools for Course-Making


Our platform is dedicated to providing high-quality, original, and personalized educational content. We value the hard work and expertise of our instructors. As such, we have implemented the following policy to ensure the integrity and authenticity of our courses.

Use of AI Tools

We acknowledge the potential of AI tools like ChatGPT in assisting with course creation. However, we believe that these tools should be used responsibly to maintain the quality and originality of our courses.

Permitted Use

Instructors are allowed to use AI tools for:

  1. Generating ideas for course content.
  2. Refining the structure of the course.
  3. Preparing course assessment questionnaires.

Instructors are expected to personalize AI-generated content with their own experiences and perspectives.

Instructors may use AI-generated voices for narration if the content is not generated by AI and they need aid in correct pronunciation and clear audio instructions. In such cases, this must be clearly mentioned in the course description and in the content.

If any visual content is generated with the help of AI, instructors need to make sure that the tool provides the right to distribute and use the visuals commercially.

Prohibited Use

Instructors are not allowed to:

  1. Submit courses that are completely generated by AI tools.
  2. Include information that is inappropriate, unauthentic, or false.
  3. Submit courses that include AI-generated visuals that are not permitted/licensed for commercial or public use.

Course Review and Approval

All courses will undergo a review process. Courses found to violate this policy will not be published.


We believe this policy will help maintain the quality and authenticity of our courses while still allowing instructors to benefit from the use of AI tools. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

Additional Information

To become an instructor in GoEdu is easy. Just make sure you have the following traits so that you can achieve success easily:

  • Passionate

    The instructors should be passionate about their subject matters and should have up to date knowledge about the topics they will teach.

  • Facilitators

    The instructors will facilitate the learners to achieve their personal or professional goals by ensuring that their contents provide all the necessary guidelines.

  • Open Minded

    Instructors are expected to be open-minded and willing to learn from the working team of GoEdu. This is necessary to ensure the quality of the courses.

  • Thorough

    Instructors are expected to be thorough on their lessons. They need to explain the reasons for their actions, preferences, choices etc. so that the learners understand the context.

Course Format

We are aiming to produce short courses with valuable insight which will contribute for personal and or professional growth of the learner the moment they finish the course. The courses will be self-paced and video based. We prefer to break down the whole course into separate modules where each module will contain several short (2-3 minutes) video contents. We wish to certify the learners through HRDI after completing the courses. Therefore, we will also require MCQ type quiz designed by the instructors after each module or at least a final MCQ type exam. MCQ based exams are required for automation of grading and allow more flexibility to the instructors.

Course Elements

Courses need to have the following elements:

  1. Title
  2. Description
  3. Contents
  4. Discussion Board
  5. Assessments

Important Insight

If you are in hesitation that whether you will be able to make a good course or not, whether people will buy it or not or whether it can compete with the courses that are already out there, know that it’s important to start. Also, if you are in the process to learn something new, that can be an interesting topic to make a course. Because learners can teach the best as they have involved in the learning process themselves and know what information and insight matters and are valuable for the learners.

Content Tips

  1. Make scripts for each of your lectures. Scripts can be in Bengali. While preparing, make sure you plan it such that it can be covered within a maximum of 5 minutes. In case it needs more time, make it a different lesson.
  2. Modify your slides to be more simple ( Use visuals that support your script and minimal text. If more text are required, use different slides)
  3. Plan MCQ type questions for each module/unit/lesson. Since the course will be fully online, assessments should be automated which is not possible for essay type answers.
  4. Read our blog post on How to Successfully Earn from Online Courses to get more ideas on content planning and process.

Instructor Agreement

Instructors will have the ownership of their contents and we will only keep the courses in our platform as long as the instructors allow us. We will ensure that the instructors receive royalty per sell of their courses. The percentage of the royalty will depend on the amount of support the instructors will require from our end. Instructors will be allowed to market their courses by themselves to increase the sell and increase the payment as royalty. We will also have our own dedicated team which will market the courses in different social media platform.

Instructors can produce their own video. Note that sell of the course may depend on the quality of the video and audio. GoEdu has a dedicated recording studio and the instructors may take support from there to create their contents. However, it will decrease the royalty percentage. It is because we need to pay the supporting team for their work.

Instructor Payment Policy

Depending on how independent the instructor is in term of content production, GoEdu offers different types of payment. The instructor gets a royalty (up to maximum 50%) for each course sell from GoEdu. This payment can be withdrawn to a bank account or by cheque. Instructors will be paid upon reaching a payment threshold as decided during the time of agreement with GoEdu. Instructor success is the success of GoEdu and, therefore, GoEdu will help instructors to successfully reach their payment threshold as quickly as possible.