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Our Freelancing and Outsourcing workshop’s topics given below


·         Introduction to Outsourcing
·         Creating perfect Freelancer Profile
·         Findout the Appropriate Work/Job
·         Facing Successful Interview
·         Achieve Client Satisfaction
·         Introduction to Freelancing
·         Category Selection based on skills
·         Writing an Effective Cover Letter
·         Complete Hiring process
·         The Payment Method system
·         Freelancing Market Places
·         Skill test technique & retake system
·         Successful Bidding Techniques
·         Handle project professionally
·         Manage Reviews and Ratings

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Outsourcing training has been going on for quite a few years. It also proves that the world is full of competition today. Once upon a time, if an employee was unsuccessful in getting their work done, the agency easily hired someone else from outside their company. Any experts out there could easily grab this work for money. This practice is called outsourcing, where the worker gets paid for a particular project and the work temporary. Outsourcing training basically started after the industrial revolution, where the companies applied it in their company policies for their own benefit. Mainly tasks like  e-commerce development, professional graphics design  tasks related to SEO, web application development, creative writing, social media marketing (SMM) etc. are basically needed for outsourcing. With all these, we offer