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Abdullah Al Mamun

Assalamu alaikum. I am talking about Abdullah Al Mamun, his educational journey has been quite diverse. It all started with his completion of Dakhil (SSC equivalent) in 2010 and Alim (HSC equivalent) in 2012. He delved into higher education, securing a Bachelor of Theology and Islamic Studies (Fadil) from the Islamic University in 2015. Transitioning to the field of technology, H earned a Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Computer Science and Engineering from Daffodil International University in 2018, followed by a Master of Science (MSc) in the same field in 2022. Alongside his technical pursuits, He deepened his knowledge in Islamic studies, culminating in a Master of Arts (MA) in Hadith from the Islamic Arabic University in 2023. His journey reflects his dedication to both technological advancements and the scholarly exploration of religious studies. He has been working in the department of Computer Science and Engineering at Daffodil International University as a Lecturer(Full Time) since January, 2022. Before that he was appointed as a Lecturer(on a contractual basis) and also as a Research Associate in the same place for around 2.5 years. In the meantime he was switched to PrideSys IT company as a Software Developer using Groovy on Grails framework in 2021 for a very short time on a particular software project development. Finally, recently he is focusing on Islamic Lecture delivery in parallel with departmental activities of DIU.

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